Bottom ash recycling (IBA) to replace natural aggregates

Bottom ash is the residue from municipal solid waste incineration which is also called slag or incinerator bottom ash (IBA). In contrast to the past when slag was dumped, current technology enables bottom ash processing plants to eliminate valuable materials further and transform the residue slag into useful materials. At NM Heilig, we have engineered machinery and installations to treat bottom ash contributing to zero waste management.

Applications of incinerator bottom ash (IBA)

As a result of incineration, waste facilities generate bottom ash (IBA). Thanks to the latest technology applied in NM Heilig machines, this IBA can be processed into an aggregate (IBAA) suitable for earthworks, pavement construction, and the production of asphalt for roads and waterways.

The sorting and cleaning systems NM Heilig builds and supplies, are applied for separating:

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