Hot storage chambers

Location: Netherlands
Industry: Steel production

Scope: Our customer, a steel producer based in the Netherlands, has taken hot storage chambers into operation at the end of 2012 with great success. The design and realization was carried out by N.M. Heilig BV in cooperation with the customer.
In these chambers, the casted steel slabs of 25 tons each from the blast furnaces (oxygen steelworks) with a temperature of max. 900 °C are temporarily stored until they can be rolled into coils at the hot-rolling mill. The slabs are cooled down less and therefore no longer need to be reheated before rolling. This saves time and energy. A total of 7,500 tons of steel can be stored in the hot storage chambers. By realizing this project, approximately half a days' production of the hot-rolling mill can be kept on temperature.

A total of 3 chambers were built, each measuring 14 by 23 metres with a height of 4 metres. The chambers have an insulation layer of 25 cm. At the top of each chamber nine shutters have been installed which, in 7 seconds, an opening can be made to place the slabs and to be able to remove them from the chambers again. All this is fully automatic so that crane operators can continue their work undisturbed.

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