A belt conveyor is included in nearly every solution we design for our customers in the waste recycling and bulk handling industry. This unit offers a desirable method for continuous and inexpensive conveyance.

A belt conveyor moves your materials

Customized options are available to enhance the employability of belt conveyors. Example choices include:

  • variation in length (from a few meters up to a few kilometers)
  • flexible in the application (in various parts of the installation)
  • open or covered
  • expandable
  • telescopic
  • mobile or stationary
  • tripper systems to discharge material alongside the conveyor
  • swiveling on wheels or rails
  • belt weighing systems
  • material flow control
  • motion control
  • belt misalignment switches
  • pull cord switches
  • limitation switches
  • cross belt sampler
  • dust control units

NM Heilig is experienced in engineering belt conveyors for both waste management and bulk material handling. We gladly discuss the many options and invite you to contact us.

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