Recycling and bulk handling machinery require periodic inspection. service and maintenance to guarantee an optimal, reliable, and continuous production process and reduce downtimes. The experts of NM Heilig are qualified and experienced to execute both technical and electrical inspections and repairs on any installation, regardless the brand. Based on your requirements, we offer the following agreements:


Timely maintenance and/or well-executed repairs with original parts keep your installations up-and-running in perfect condition. Besides equipment examinations, also lubrication, oil changes, and overhauls of parts or units can be included.


For upgrading, overhauling, and relocation of full installations or single units, NM Heilig offers their consulting, engineering, and manufacturing services to improve your recycling or bulk handling process.

Service and maintenance


Regular inspections decrease unexpected repairs and expenses and reduce downtime. Our field service engineers check your installations on a standard number of points, e.g. operational safety, wear and tear, mechanical and electrical controls.


According to a mutually agreed and predetermined checklist, our experts check your installations on the operational use and safety of every machine, the system updates and the wear and tear. This guarantees and improves the potential of your overall installation. NM Heilig distinguishes:

  • Service Level Agreement Inspections: agreement for periodical inspection to maximize and optimize the performance of your equipment and recording of spare parts to reduce downtime.
  • Service Level Agreement Preventive Maintenance: agreement for periodical inspection and maintenance to prevent unplanned downtime and maintain and maximize your equipment’s reliability

The advantages of an NM Heilig agreement for your installation include:

  • We keep store of original parts to ensure quick repairs, offer maximum installation performance, and reduce your downtime.
  • In some cases with older machinery, spare parts are inaccessible. We reconstruct spare parts or unit parts ourselves regardless of the brand or make of your installation.
  • Up-to-date inspection, repair and maintenance reports
  • No surprise expenses for emergency inspections
  • Customized offers for repairs and spare parts
  • Installation in perfect condition
  • Reduced scheduled and unscheduled downtime

For more information about one of the agreements and a personal offer, please contact us at +31 (0) 72 571 66 88.
If you require immediate assistance from our service and maintenance department, please contact our 24/7 emergency number.

Service and maintenance
Service and maintenance