A semi-mobile or mobile hopper, or mobile bunker, is a flexible material handling solution. When utilized as a temporary storage system, a mobile loader is often required. Also, a mobile hopper can be put to use as a measuredly feeding system, in which case a conveyor system (belt conveyor or vibrating conveyor) is included.

Mobile hopper as temporary storage or feeding system

NM Heilig can design a variety of dosing hoppers provided with optional discharge conveyor and/or vibrating chute, wheel set or tracked system, depending on the required capacity, product properties, and particle sizes. Also, the choice for a fully mobile or semi-mobile feed hopper depends on the conveying process and work site.

NM Heilig mobile hopper feeder conveyor offers:

  • continuous material handling operation and less loading movements by shovels
  • high throughput for a wide variety of materials
  • flexible application thanks to the mobility

If you would like to know more about the range of hopper conveyors, also known as bunker conveyors, we design and manufacture at NM Heilig, please contact us and consult one of our engineers. We gladly answer your questions for stationary hoppers as well.


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