A customized silo for storage and measured dosing of bulk materials

For temporary storage and measured dosing of bulk dry goods, NM Heilig designs a silo that meets your needs. We manufacture the silos, or otherwise referred to as bunker bins, from carbon steel or stainless steel grades and ATEX models transportable by road or water.

Mostly, NM Heilig installs a silo as part of a complete turnkey installation, complete with elevator for industries:

  • plastic recycling
  • wood pellets
  • minerals
  • crops (e.g. sugar)
  • aggregates

Significant factors to consider in the silo design are the flowing properties of the materials. In order to ensure a complete discharge of the bulk materials, our silos can be designed to prevent flow, bridging, product segregation, and ratholing.

Ask our experts to join you at an early stage in designing a bulk material handling system. We aim for an optimal conveyance and offer our tailor-made consultancy.

Please also feel free to contact us for a combination with mixing technologies.


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