For (temporary) storage and measured conveyance of dry bulk goods, NM Heilig designs, builds and delivers bunkers in a wide variety of styles and types.

A bunker for storage and conveyance of dry bulk goods

When used as a feeding unit for an installation or system, the bunker is often supplied with:

Depending on the materials to be handled, the bunker can be constructed from carbon steel or stainless steel, in various material grades. Additionally, the inner surface can be cladded with wear resistant materials like options polyurethane plates (concrete, sand, and gravel) or sprayed and Hardox (for heavy duty applications such as coal, ores an aggregates). Optional pneumatic, hydraulic, or electric vibrators offer an optimum flow of your bulk materials.

At NM Heilig we use the name bunker, but in the industry also the terms bunker conveyor, dosing conveyor, and storage conveyor are used for the same principle.

Would you like to know what dimensions and features we offer with our bunkers? Please feel free to contact us for more information.

We gladly answer your questions for mobile bunkers as well.

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