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Although wood is composed of cellulose, an organic molecule, wood waste in itself is not organically recyclable. Waste from demolitions, discarded wooden pallets, and other treated wood for example, contains metal and non-metal contaminants.


In the wood recycling industry multiple applications can be found, among which:

  • Untreated (clean) timber can be chipped, and if needed metal impurities can be separated, to generate raw materials for manufacturing building supplies, fire logs, mulch, compost, gardening substrate, and fuel for biomass.
  • Treated wood that is painted or varnished can be shredded and treated in a few steps to be used as fuel for power plants.

Incorporating the recycling units of NM Heilig with a high throughput and recovery, you can contribute to reducing wood waste and produce renewable energy. Please contact us for more information on the machinery we engineer and manufacture and find out how we can be of service.

Wood waste

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