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Recycled paper and cardboard are products possessing unique recycling properties. NM Heilig has been engineering recycling installations for this industry with a high throughput and extreme high purity rates with minimal loss of quality during the process. Recycling this material offers both economic and environmental sustainability.


Producing recycled paper consumes 70% less energy than producing from natural resources. The advantages of aiming for zero waste include:

  • reduced waste dumps and/or landfills
  • reduced exploitation of natural resources
  • lower energy consumption
  • lower water consumption
  • lower CO2 emissions

The systems NM Heilig engineers and builds to separate impurities and process the used paper and cardboard can vary in configuration, from standard units to a customized installation applicable to your branch.

You can think of installations to separate old corrugated containers (OCC) from mixed recyclables, or to separate mixed fiber, containers, and fines by making use of the 2-D and 3-D characteristics of these materials.

We have many examples and designs to share with you. Please contact us for more information or a suitable offer.

Paper and cardboard

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