Recycling installations

Give your waste a new life with the recycling installations of NM Heilig. Optimize your recycling process with our high-quality and innovative solutions for sustainable waste processing. Find out how our custom-made solutions can help your business meet the growing demand for sustainability.

From waste to energy

Turning waste into energy and new products is what the recycling industry (MRF) is all about. Recycling goals have been set higher in the past decades and will surely increase in the years to come. As an engineer and manufacturer of recycling installations, NM Heilig has been developing different techniques to recover energy and valuable materials from various waste streams.

Custom recycling installations

NM Heilig offers advanced total solutions designed to optimize the recycling process and reduce waste. Our recycling installations are of high quality and have a proven track record in various industries. Our solutions include facilities for recycling waste, separating materials and processing industrial waste. We also offer custom solutions that can be adapted to the specific needs of our customers. At NM Heilig we believe in sustainability and want to contribute to a greener future by creating innovative recycling solutions. Our installations have a proven track record in various industries, are built with the latest technologies and meet the highest quality standards, making them reliable and durable.


For optimal recycling, a variety of techniques is used. The goals are to pre-sort, sort, separate, clean, and dry the materials from a waste stream during a continuous operation and with an absolute minimum in maintenance time. NM Heilig listens to her customers and according to their requirements, designs complete turnkey installations including among others:

  • screens
  • conveyors
  • dosing bunkers
  • silos, hoppers
  • crushers
  • eddy current separators
  • overbelt magnets
  • optical sorting (NIR)
  • classifiers
  • and air separators

Waste recycling streams

On the next pages you will find more information about the various techniques and industries NM Heilig operates in, including:

With our expertise, experience, and the partnership with Heilig sister companies, we offer from single mobile units to stationary turn key recycling installations. In other words, from concept to installation, we gladly discuss examples of proven customized solutions with you. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Recycling installations