In the recycling and bulk handling industry, implementing an air separator to the process sorts the materials and separates the lighter from the heavier fractions. Other names for this application are air classifier, wind sifter, and wind shifter. The advantage of (pre-)sorting through an air stream is that it does not require any water and guarantees a high separation efficiency up to 95-99%.

Air separator to separate different fractions

Depending on your particular installation and the material stream to be sorted, the separation process by an air classifier can be customized by settings such as:

  • inclined position
  • speed of the conveyor
  • speed of the separation roller
  • speed and compression of the air
  • inclined angle of the air nozzle

NM Heilig often manufactures air separators in combination with complete (pre-)sorting installations, particularly for light, airy bulk items in bulk handling and recycling facilities for household waste, paper, cardboard, and plastics.

Please feel free to contact us for the options applicable to your industry.

air separator - Windshifter         wind shifter - air separator         air separator municipal solid waste sorting line

air separator - Windshifter