Crushing equipment

Crushing equipment can be put to use to create a proper particle size. These machines can be designed and manufactured both stationary and mobile and as an individual unit or implemented in a recycling or bulk handling process.

High quality crusher

Discover the power of the NM Heilig crushing equipment! Our high-performance crusher is the perfect solution for efficient and effective crushing of various materials. With our crusher you are assured of a high capacity, minimal maintenance costs and maximum safety. Contact us today for more information.


NM Heilig offers a wide range of industrial crushers for the efficient processing of different types of materials, such as stone, concrete, asphalt and more. Our crushing systems are designed to meet the requirements of your specific application. NM Heilig offers a wide variety of crushers, including:

  • jaw crusher
  • clod crusher
  • impact crusher
  • hammer mill crusher
  • roller crusher
  • cone crusher

Applications of crushing equipment can be found in:

Smart crushing equipment

Our crushing equipment is equipped with several innovative features, such as automatic adjustment of settings and smart sensor systems, to make the process even easier and to ensure the quality of the end product. In addition, our machines are durable and of high quality, so you can be confident that your investment will pay off in the long term.

If you would like to know more about the application of mobile or stationary crushers and the combination with screens and sorting installations, please do not hesitate contact our office for further information.

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