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rail car loader is a system used for loading and unloading train cars with dry bulk materials. Transportation of bulk goods by vessel and train is a cost-efficient way, and many countries have a connection to waterways and railways. NM Heilig has extensive experience in designing railcar loading installations for the bulk handling industry all over the world. Of course, our services also extend to the production, installation, and maintenance of rail car loaders.

Loading hopper cars or coal flood loaders, which are other names for rail car loaders, are often used during transshipment in ports and dry bulk preparation plants. Example industries include:

The rail cars are measuredly fed from conveyor systems that stop feeding once the necessary filling level in the compartment has been reached. Following, the rail car compartments are loaded one after the other offering continuous loading or a temporary buffer storage. In the case locations of loading at your plant needs to be flexible, we advise mobile hoppers and mobile loaders.

The power of a rail car loader

Discover the power of a rail car loader from NM Heilig for dry bulk goods and waste streams and load your (bulk) goods quickly and safely onto rail wagons. NM Heilig offers various types of loaders for wagons that meet the strictest safety requirements and standards and meet all your wishes and requirements. Our loaders are designed to make the loading of railcars fast, but above all safe and efficient and are suitable for various types of cargo, including bulk materials and general cargo.

Safe loading process

Each rail car loader from NM Heilig is equipped with innovative functions, such as automatic height adjustment and smart sensor systems, to make loading wagons even easier and to ensure the safety of the loading process. In addition, our machines are durable and of high quality, so you can be confident that your investment will pay off in the long term.

Tailor-made rail car loaders

With our many years of experience in the transshipment industry, NM Heilig offers tailor-made solutions that meet every requirement and every wish. Whether you are looking for a mobile or stationary solution, a telescopic, rotating or fixed loader, we have different models available to suit your specific needs.

Please feel free to consult our engineers for an optimal loading and unloading system for your industry and contact our office.


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