Skid construction

N.M. Heilig offers options to engineer and build assembled parts or full turnkey installations by skid construction. With prefabrication, we produce the skid, pumping, dosing and heat exchangers systems, screening and sorting systems, at our workshop.

On-site assembly will only consist of interconnecting piping and cabling. We have tailor-made solutions to match all requirements and sizing.

Skid construction provides the following advantages and guarantees you a smooth process:


  • Downtime
    Everything is prefabricated within optimized conditions in our workshop
  • On-site assembly time
    Our plug and play solutions only need interconnecting of piping and cabling


  • High-quality
    We create the perfect conditions for assembly in our own workshop
  • Testing
    Pre-testing and PED testing upfront

Sized wider than 2,5m well possible and available on request.

Our skid constructions consist of high-quality carbon or stainless steel and we are certified PED and ASME.

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