Chain conveyor for heavier materials

For conveying heavier materials, a chain conveyor is a suitable solution offering power and traction. The motor of the chain conveyor is connected by chains to sprockets preventing the conveyor from slipping due to the heavy load. You can read more information about such chain conveyor systems here on this page, or contact us for specific questions.

NM Heilig is a leading company in the production of advanced conveyor systems, including chain conveyors. These conveyors are designed to transport a wide variety of materials, including bulk goods, bags and containers. Those systems are robust and durable, and are ideal for use in various industrial environments.

What is a chain conveyor?

A chain conveyor is a belt conveyor, specifically for handling heavy bulk goods. Heavy loads, found in both recycling and bulk handling industries, require large conveyors with a rubber belt to absorb the forces of the impact. Chain conveyors are ideal for transporting heavy loads over long distances. Thanks to the robust construction, these conveyors can withstand heavy loads and are suitable for use in harsh industrial environments. NM Heilig conveyors are designed with reliability and durability in mind, so that customers can rely on their conveyor system to last.

What does N.M. Heilig do?

Mostly, N.M. Heilig designs chain conveyors for moving heavier materials over a shorter distance with an incline. We manufacture our chain belt conveyors with durable and high-quality materials. This way, we can provide our customers with the advantages of a long-term maintenance-free production process.

We offer different types of chain conveyors, including drag chain conveyors, en-masse conveyors and scraper chain conveyors. Each type of conveyor has its own specific characteristics and advantages, depending on the application and the material being transported. The NM Heilig team has the expertise to help customers select the right chain conveyor for their specific needs.

For an example of our work, please take a look at this project: Belt conveyor above the highway.

The usage of chain conveyors

The conveyors manufactured by N.M. Heilig are applied in heavy-duty industries such as:

  • Mining and bulk handling of minerals
  • Waste management and recycling industry
  • Wood processing
  • Glass industry
  • Paper and cardboard industry
  • Plastics industry
  • Bulk material handling

If your industry is not mentioned, this does not mean we cannot help you. Our experts might still be able to provide a fitting solution for your specific situation. Please contact our office for more information.

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