For (pre-)sorting and classifying bulk materials and waste streams on different terrains that are not always easily accessible, a mobile screener is the ideal screening equipment. A chassis with tracks or wheel set allow the unwieldy machine to be transported from one place to the other.

Mobile screening equipment for (pre-)sorting on different terrains

NM Heilig designs mobile screeners with a choice of:

  • screening decks depending on particle size requirements
  • single or multiple decks in the case of multiple fraction-screening
  • chassis with tracks or wheel set
  • screening panels: steel, polyurethane, PUR (washing), wire mesh, grizzly screens, and disc screens

Needless to say, that we manufacture our mobile screeners with user-friendly controls and robust, high-quality materials only for continuous operations and low-maintenance. Our designs are applied to sort, size, and classify e.g. coal, coking coal, ores, construction waste, aggregates, minerals, and bottom ash.

If you would like to know more about the mobile screeners we design and manufacture at NM Heilig, please contact us and consult one of our engineers.


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