Coal handling installations


Despite the growth of renewable and sustainable sources of energy, coal is still a resource we depend on to fulfill both our demands for energy and steel production. As a result, the coal mining industry (CHPP) is indispensable for bulk handling of:

  • coal
  • coking coal
  • pet coke
  • metallurgical coke
  • anthracite

These industries, however, can optimize coal handling by implementing efficient installations to increase handling speed and quality of the coals and, subsequently, reduce downtime during production process.


For all of the coal handling processes as mentioned below, NM Heilig offers a wide range of products. As a company located in the center of the European coal transportation, we have gained extensive knowledge and experience in manufacturing both mobile machines and stationary designs for turnkey installations.

Coal crushing

The coal crushing process is suitable to create the appropriate particle size for the different applications. With machines like impact crushers, hammer mills, single roller crushers, and double rollers coal products for a variety of industries can be produced.

Coal drying

After the washing process, the coal is dried while conducted through a coal drying installation based on a fluid bed drying technique. After drying, the coal is screened into various fractions to be stored in different silos and other storage solutions.

Coal grading

A classification process installation, mostly implemented at transshipment locations or coal preparation plants, is used to grade the coal delivered from a variety of locations throughout the world. Depending on the properties of incoming coal and the required output fraction, a customized screening plant processes the bulk coal with a throughput varying from 100 to 300 tons an hour. Both dry screening and wet screening installations are used.

Coal transportation

A significant part of coal bulk handling consists of transportation and transshipment. Our home country the Netherlands is the center of European coal distribution thanks to our sea ports, rivers, and railway connections. The strategic location and dimension of Rotterdam harbor allow bulk carriers up to 365,000 dwt to enter the seaport 24/7.

Thanks to this central position, NM Heilig has specialized in the logistic solutions for coal transport for clients all over the world. We offer loading and unloading systems, as well as transshipment systems. Applications are found in terminal logistics for sea ships, barges, inland vessels, railway cars, trucks, and mobile loaders for in the coal storage fields.

Coal washing

Coal washing is a suitable process to reduce both the ash content of coal products and the impurities. Depending on the requirements in particle size and quality, machines such as jigs, wash drums, cyclones, and water-only cyclones can be implemented.

Whether you seek more information about a solution meeting your demands, require a detailed quotation, or would like to consult one of our experts, please feel free to contact our office in Heerhugowaard, The Netherlands.

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